Beyond Abstinence

Mesude Uygur
3 minutes

Many philosophers throughout history have pondered what happiness is. That the purpose of life is to be happy? Or that true happiness will never be possible in this world? Mankind has always studied this issue, whether in ancient knowledge in inscriptions found on cave walls or in postmodern articles.

When negative events in life are inevitable, we always want to turn over a new leaf to escape them. It seems like a good idea to escape from things that tire us, overwhelm us, make us feel stuck, weigh us down like shackles on our feet, in short, make us unhappy. And for that we always believe in starting from scratch.

Starting a brand new life like a clean, unmarred page is not necessarily the transition between parallel universes that quantum physics talks about in a science fiction movie. Even though the universe does not allow us to make transitions, when we realize the change that does not stop even for a moment, when we know that change and surrender to it by believing in it, it tells us that there are infinite possibilities and that it is possible to realize all of the possibilities.

It means turning over a new leaf in life, a new dream. To dream is to want. A book said that wanting comes from what we are deprived of. Maybe we can only ask for what we have the potential for. Since there is no such thing as eternal happiness or eternal unhappiness, when we want to change, the things that will be different in our lives will not be the events that happen to us and our feelings about them, but ourselves. Finding your essence is perhaps what will be different in a new life.

Our essence is the state of being freed from the culture we grew up in, from the family, from the outcomes of the education we received, in short, from all our conditioning, from all the schemas in our minds. As we are now, things can be very different in our new life. We become surrendered to the flow, loving, feeling, accepting, tolerating. Soft is stronger than hard, says Siddhartha. We’ll stop being harsh. There will be love in our new life, there will be madness, there will be laughter. We are incomplete if we are not complete, we are whole if we are not divided. We will be in balance. Who knows, we will continue our new life with that child hiding inside us. We dance with him, we hug him, we make discoveries.

If we want to turn a new page in our lives, we must believe that all possibilities can be realized and with this belief we must ask the universe for everything we lack. We are amazed at how our lives are transformed when all that we have been lacking in the potential of our essence is revealed.

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