Fikret Cömert
4 minutes

We have all come into the realm of existence with our identities as we know ourselves, registered in time and space. We celebrate our birthdays with enthusiasm and observe that time is constantly flowing, even faster than our own perception.

Our life is a capital. Our intention is to spend it in the best way possible, to realize ourselves, to be happy. But here, too, our famous ignorance often comes into play, we get busy forgetting, we get caught up in “passing the time”, we keep putting off many of the things we say we desire.

Winds of change and transformation blow around us from time to time. With the right wind at our backs, we have the possibility to achieve many things in the universe of possibilities. We always start our diets “next Monday”, plan to learn the language next month and dream of a happy tomorrow.

One thing has always struck me. Everything that happens is for us to learn from, say those who know. Two defeated countries at the end of the Second World War. One is Germany. German cities where you can’t see a decent building standing, where people struggle to find shelter, let alone factory technology. Japan on the other side. Japan, whose two great cities were completely destroyed by the great invention of the age, the atomic bombs that even Einstein regretted having paved the way for their discovery, whose people perished horribly, and who seems unlikely to rise again. This was in 1945.

Not many years later, 25-30 years later, Germany, with its strong industry, is one of the most important economies in Europe, selling German automobiles, machinery and electrical goods to the whole world. On the other hand, the concept of the “Japanese miracle” has already entered the literature. We are all using Sony, Sanyo, Mitsubishi products and talking about this big move from the east. 25-30 years is a relatively short time. I can still listen to a music album released 30 years ago as “current music”. When I look around me, of course I witness many changes. But none of them can even come close to these two examples of superpowers that have gone from nothing to superpowers. I observe a similar period of change in Turkey in the early years of the republic. In 10 years, it is clear where we have come from.

So the concept of time is really relative. In 3-5 years, an online startup can reach much higher valuations than century-old startups. As long as desires and dreams turn into intentions and action is taken, it may not take a very long time for that vision to manifest in our material world. Alexander, who lived 2300 years ago and whose deeds we still talk about today and call “The Great”, accomplished all this in 13 years. So he didn’t say “I’m too busy now, I’ll start on Monday, I’ll start next month”.

Time is a great resource we have been given. Patience is of course a beautiful virtue. We are not going to rush in with the feeling that I have to do something, I am late. But if we want to change and transform something in our lives, we must remember that our most valuable treasure is to make good use of this magnificent resource. Action brings change. In this world there are those who do and those who watch and talk about what they do.

And we don’t have to forget ourselves in doing so. I have observed that most people who achieve great things also have great hobbies, different interests and areas of expertise. When I thought I was most successful, I made a music album, acted in the theater, had the opportunity to travel, etc. Of course, since time is not unlimited, priorities are set. Abundance brings abundance. We observe that when we let ourselves go into the right life flows with the right winds, many things are resolved and flow towards the good. But it is important to focus on real aspirations, not to let the daily business of the world get in the way, and especially not to deplete capital in “passing the time” activities.

“This world is a poison killer

Don’t drink water even if it’s a fountain

This life is a capital

Beware of throwing it away unnecessarily” (Musa Kazim, narrated by Muhiddin Ikhya)

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