Bridge to the Soul, Music

Büşra Demir
5 minutes

Do you think we experience transcendent feelings when we miss the songs of the dawn, the serenity of the sunrise, when we sacrifice a heartfelt conversation or our inner voice to our hurry? Emotions that make us feel that there are states of being beyond what we see…

While we carry the allure of modernity like an umbrella, we often miss the rains of grace. But those rains are falling on us every moment. In a smiling eye, in the imagination of the perfect turns in an atom, in the numbers hidden in the spiral of a snail shell… There are so many drops all around us, who knows how being aware of all of them would give wings to our souls.

Among all those drops, there is one that can flow from the ears to the heart and turn it into a rosebush. How is it that sometimes a breath blowing, sometimes fingers touching the strings, can transport the human soul to another dimension? How is it that the harmonious unity of sounds becomes a delicate bridge to the soul?

In a space where time stands still, it is as if I am leaving my body behind when I cross over this delicate bridge. It’s like going into the cloud from which the raindrops come, even beyond it. There are raging rivers, seas of sadness, valleys of love and hills of longing hidden there, beautiful enough to make one weep. As you wander through them one by one, your heart is pierced by the transcendence of emotions. It hurts and light seeps through all those holes. Until time, dangling in the void, is restored to its throne.

Music is universal because of its powerful effect on the soul. In the union of hearts with notes, which of us does not get out of our hurry, our mediocrity, our captivity for a while? I wish we could be alone with him more, build bridges more often…

Since ancient times, music has been used in rituals, ceremonies and healings. It has entered the proverbs and settled in the margins of our lives. Within today’s possibilities, the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of its impact are examined with greater rigor. One by one, it is revealed how it creates movements in the brain and what it can change in the body with these movements. And the more the unknowns are illuminated, the more fascinated one becomes. How many tools do we have that can mobilize and transform our emotions to this extent?

Music is the artist’s way of putting his/her emotional world into notes. So much so that sometimes sadness, sometimes hope, sometimes happiness are filtered and brewed from an overflowing heart. It cleanses itself of its excesses as it brews. It becomes clear, simple. And over time it turns into melodies. Sometimes it seeps into the notes with all its intensity, as it sometimes does. That flood of emotion spontaneously connects the notes and a work emerges. And either way, the resulting music is ready to be a bridge to other souls. It is a drop of the great artist’s unique work.

If we didn’t have doors to the soul, we would probably have very shallow lives. Perhaps one of the most extreme examples of this is that hearts that become numb lose the meaning of life. But what a great grace that some of the creatures have been given the keys to open these doors. They can read the universe through notes, numbers, colors or words. They are able to blend what they carry in their hearts with what they read and reveal the hidden treasures of the universe to us. And we enter through those doors and enjoy the taste of another realm.

So why is it that today, when various melodies are flying to our ears, we cannot build those beautiful bridges every time? Why can’t we reach our souls? It seems to me that today we are missing a bowl of the heart where emotions are filtered and brewed or accumulated in all their intensity. Instead of being a bridge to the soul, it is as if music can only be a path from one ear to the other. The notes hurry across, without going deeper, and leave the place. Sometimes we pile the crowds in our own minds in front of the bridge. The hectic, busy, confused crowds… We pass by but don’t see the bridge. And sometimes we try to numb our minds and forget in order to get rid of the burdens, the unpleasantness of life. When we forget ourselves, there is no bridge to cross.

However, the goal should be to remember, not to forget. That the great artist is a unique part of his work, that he belongs to a unique whole, that he has various paths leading to that whole. Only in this way is life flavored. As you touch the beauty of truth, as you smell a fragrance from there.

Now is the time to put aside the umbrella and embrace the rains of grace. This is the time to reach from the bridge to the soul with music that will flow into your heart. It is time to give a ‘pause’ to all the words coming from inside and outside. Let the music begin.

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