Burak Malçok
2 minutes

Who knows what has been written and felt about September for centuries… September is different in everyone’s heart. Although it is generally called the month of sadness, it is known that there is peace in sadness.

For me, September is clear loneliness, pure loneliness; it is the month when you feel that you are alone in every sense… The fact that it is the month when I am left without shade, without sycamore, and when I say goodbye to the one I love the most may also have an effect, but as we said at the beginning: Loneliness is sad, yet peaceful. It is perhaps the source of the birth of creations… If you are interested in music, it is the source of the melancholy you feed on…

Although terms, phrases, names, patterns can be overwhelming, the essence of the matter is actually not knowing what to write in September. When you feel that even if you write, words are not enough. Promises come and go, but every time September comes, it makes you feel the past with the present. Every September makes you feel the same emotion differently… As time moves forward, as everything you feel and hear changes, the essence of September remains the same, but the way it makes you feel changes.

It is a month when you feel Imam Ghazali’s words “There has never been anything more beautiful than what is” deeply but you cannot speak… I don’t know how meaningful it is to write about September at the end of the day, but maybe if we want to describe it with sounds, we can intersect a little bit at the end, even if we don’t feel the same emotions, when we listen to the piece called “Rebirth” that comes out of our hearts in dedication to what I have experienced in this month.

With love for September 2022…

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