Thrush: The Four Seasons of Love

Rabia Yıldırım
4 minutes

“The story of love extends in Shab-i Yeldâ until dawn

Until Majnun finishes his speech and Leyla sings…”

That night, Aliye experienced the longest night of the harsh winter she lived in her inner world, and she escaped from the darkness of the night to find the purpose of her creation and set foot on the threshold of the door of mercy that opened to spring with the gaze of that beloved. Indeed, the first stage of love, like winter, leads a person either to withdraw from almost everything that attracts him, to search for a glimmer of light in the long, dark nights, or to seek solace in artificial heat and momentary glimmers, without realizing that he is suffering from the absence of the sun. However, since nothing he takes refuge in can give the effect of a real sun, he waits for the day when he will see the sun of truth, when it will warm and wrap him, when it will be a balm for his wounds, with the pain of the false fire he is exposed to. Finally, when spring comes and the sun shows its face, the so-called jünûn phase of love begins, which is the process of always thinking about the beloved, looking for his parts in everything, and experiencing peace and joy to the very marrow. Then this course continues in a state of asulûk, gradually aiming to reach spring…

Since Aliye had never been inclined to worldly pleasures and was a servant of eternity who had first tasted love from its one and only source, she had set out as if she would lay down her life in order to make the seeds planted by her beloved blossom immediately, regardless of these deadlines. Because the spring season he was in was too infinite and limitless to be called the first and the last, he was already born for love. That night, when they talked until dawn, at times in mute and lipless sentences, at other times at length, a sentence uttered by the beloved was evidence of this endless spring. “My beauty, you’re not one of those souls that can be sipped in one gulp. If I am the moon, you are my reflection in water…” In fact, this characterization, which is an extraordinary state of affairs that can only be encountered once in a century, was only for gifted souls like Aliye, who descended to earth as a Rabbani tuhfe.

Aliye, like that Juniper Tree, had found the master hand that would transform the seed of existence into life, and her soul began to find consistency in the crucible of his presence. Now he was working hard to complete his unfinished education and to make up for every moment of his life that had seemingly passed without him. With one foot always on the threshold of his beloved’s doorstep, he was reading and writing both the book of the universe and his own book with his own eyes, and in order to offer the fruits of this love to the world, he was always sipping and drinking from his teacher’s knowledge, which flowed like a river, like an insatiable soil. This was such a knowledge that it filled the gaps that had caused irreparable wounds in his heart over the years, made him look at the universe and almost everything with a view of signs and wisdom, and these wisdoms brought him one step closer to the purpose of creation every moment.

As the days turned into months, Aliye’s body became like a mount, running endlessly with endless energy on both the spiritual and worldly fronts. She was doing admirable work in the academic environment she was in, and the great academics of her time closely followed and appreciated her work. Her course on the spiritual front was made clear by the fact that almost everyone in her circle, whether they knew her closely or not, agreed that Aliye was practicing the “Philosophy of Love” in her work. In fact, this description was just one of the absolute proofs of how skillfully he used the metaphor of the “two wings” of the journey, and how he was a soul in love with his teacher.

With her mind-boggling intelligence and perception, the young girl had traveled the path that some of them had taken many years to travel in a short period of time, and set out to fulfill the mission of “raising human beings” that her teacher had set for her as her main goal. From now on, young minds would be filled with teachings that had been filtered and purified by the great sultan, and her students would gain brand new perspectives and brand new worlds with Aliye’s vision at the level of perfection…

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