Thrush: This is Love!

Rabia Yıldırım
3 minutes

Was the sky always this blue? Could birds sing? Did trees really contain all shades of green? Would the sun smile on your face or the wind caress your hair? Did my lungs always rejoice at the touch of air, was it so good to breathe? Was he always happy that my hands could touch him? Was this the first time my eyes had tasted the pleasure of being able to see?

My feet are flying, I can’t keep up with the speed of my steps, where is he running with such excitement and who is he taking orders from? In the center of my heart there is a sapling with buds, but it is cracked with thirst. This sapling, which embodies the seven colors of the world, has declared its sovereignty over my body and mind. It drags me towards its door to grow as big as it can, to spread in the chambers of my heart, to surround it on all four sides…

With these words, Aliye was singing that love had begun to envelop all her cells like an ivy. Indeed, Love was a vine that invaded the city of the body, besieged it until it became invisible, and then made it its own. Since time immemorial, many masters, many pure souls have fought hard to define love.

The love that poured from the pen of Süleyman Çelebi began with a “Hello” and continued with a “Hello” that had no “Farewell” until eternity.

Sheikh Galib described love as “Kilkî Kazâ” and witnessed the heaven and earth that as long as the world revolves, it will remain faithful to the fate written by “That” pen.

In Fuzûli’s language, love was an arrow stuck in the liver; so much so that he would rather sacrifice his liver than remove the arrow.

It was love that filled Attar’s heart with blood and made him look at every particle with Him. Yûnus exclaimed to the world the dignity, state, audacity and power of love by saying “Hear, O Yârenler”.

Hallâci Mansur revealed love to the world by writing it in the soil with the last drop of his blood and breathed his last breath with love.

Mawlana was covered from head to toe in love, and the whole world, knowingly or unknowingly, circumambulated “His” love.

Love was the prayer of Shams; Shams was the prayer of love…

Love was a ring that the beloved put on our finger in the realm of eternity and that we lost as soon as we came to this world. It was a “Moment” when he put that ring on our finger at the end of the love-less days when we were tossed left and right without realizing the absence of that ring. Love was a burning gaze that changed Aliye’s world the moment she locked eyes with her beloved, and the equivalent of that gaze in form was “Hello”. Love was the absolute destiny that brought him back to life as if he had been reborn. Love was not taking shelter in the shadow of the Karim One and cooling off, but actually melting and disappearing. Love was the mystery that was now dragging Aliye with all its force to the door she stood on the threshold of…

Love was the ring attached to that door…

Love was everything, everything was love…

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