Greetings to the Old, Meal to the New

İzzet Memi
3 minutes

Everything is shaped by the old.

One perceives with the knowledge of the old, the feeling of the old, the experience of the old.

So what is necessary for the new in human perception?
There is a need for things to be different from the past. Otherwise we experience the old in a different time frame.

The meaning of the future lies in this difference. Whether we take the word Meal as meaning or result, both will be about what, when, where and how we decide to do things differently.

Then comes the question;
What do you plan to do differently?

For this you need to look at where you want to improve your quality of life.

Of course, one of the first statements that may come to mind is that I want to be happier.
It is a trap, unfortunately.
Happiness is a concept that depends on so many dynamics.
Even when people say that they want to be happier, they are actually clinging to this statement because they are not aware of this situation.

What do you want to do differently to be happy?

– By removing all the negativity from my life –

Another trap…

People are not to blame for the events in your life that make you feel negative. They only trigger what you have.
Unless you learn to manage the impact of events on you, today you will take out these events, these people, tomorrow there will be other situations that trigger the same things and they will trigger the same emotions in you. (you’ll see that it triggers)

And since you will not remove yourself from your life, in fact, when you remove negative events from your life, you will not do anything different, that is, “new” about you, since you will continue your life with the old you.

Happiness is not something to be entrusted to someone else. You will claim your happiness for yourself.
And for that, you have to make changes in yourself so that when you achieve the happiness you want, there is at least the possibility that it will be sustainable.

Otherwise, as long as happiness is linked to what happens to you, you will be tossed around like a leaf blown by the wind, not knowing where to land.

So isn’t submission to destiny the leaf being satisfied with where it is placed?
It certainly is. But we are not there yet. This is theoretical knowledge, so if you mark it in the exam, you get full points.
But we find it difficult to mark the test of life.
Maybe you’ll say, “No, but the one I marked is the one that happened…
It must have happened…
But when did you mark it? When the question is in front of you? Or are they unable to solve the question and at the end of the exam they say, “Well, what to do, I couldn’t solve the question, at least let me memorize it and maybe it will work”?

Can forced submission after there is no way out be submission?

If there is already surrender when it comes to happiness, it ceases to be happiness.

That’s why you need to leave the clichés you hear here and there and face yourself honestly, to decide what to do differently, when to do it and how to do it differently.

That is why it needs to see itself naked in the mirror, shaped by the old, and needs to come up with new interpretations.

In every breath…

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