I need you

Naime Erkovan
4 minutes

I need you. I know, this sentence has been said countless times, in unnecessary places, so it has no effect on hearts. Those who hear it go on their way without a care in the world, as if they had just encountered the phrase “It’s too hot”. There are those who respond with a small smile so as not to appear completely insensitive, but nothing more, because they have heard these words so often that not even the slightest vibration occurs in their hearts.

The sentence “I need you” is like a statue that cannot reach the necessary light because it is not said in its proper place. Since no one can see the statue, only the darkness knows its beauty, but this is not a true knowing. Indeed, knowing requires light, illumination… I need you, even if it is said in random situations. I will not say like bread, like water, because I cannot limit you to one blessing.

I don’t know whether to say these words more or less. Say it often and we destroy its power, say it little and we miss important times. Because the phrase “I need you” should be as precious as a rare celestial event. It should mesmerize the eye and quicken the heartbeat. It should be so breathtaking that one should wish in front of it. Yet we have made these words as ordinary as an Istanbul seagull.

I need you. I say that, but can I tell you that? Every morning I get up and start walking another part of my life path. I meet people, I am amazed, saddened, but I live. I encounter death, life, hope. I am witnessing many small miracles and I wish you to see and feel the same in those moments. That’s when I need you the most.

Sometimes I open my eyes as if I had been woken up in the middle of the night. I feel like calling out from the land of sleep that has not yet been abandoned. The cry of “I need you” mingles with the darkness like a prayer. When the peace of those who have fulfilled their duty properly envelops my soul, I leave the harbor of the world again and sail to the land of sleep. In the morning, maybe I will forget everything, but the light of this beauty will light up my whole day.

I don’t know where you are, but your presence is so powerful that it regulates all my actions. I strive to make sure that my every behavior and action is to your satisfaction. In those moments your presence hits my soul like a gigantic wave. Even though it destroys everything in its path, my strong parts remain standing. The things that he has already destroyed are those that have come into existence not to give life, but to tire and distract from the truth. When the waters recede with a great roar, you give me a clear space. And the more I see the miracles of nature, the more I repeat my words: I need you.

You’re probably moving on with your life while I’m saying this. You may be visiting friends, feeding the birds, attending meetings, walking by a river. When you fulfill all the commands of daily life, you may not know that it is important for some and vital for others. Nevertheless, in those moments when you manage to listen to your soul, you seem to hear a voice from far away. Maybe you have already turned into an ordinary person for those around you, but like every human being, you are a miracle and I need you.

There are times when our senses are sharpened. We are filled with premonitions that are not of this world. We prepare for the new situations we are about to experience, we sense that something good or sad is coming. We search our hearts. Yes, everything is complete, but an unexplained sense of emptiness makes itself visible. Only “I need you” can fill that void.

I can feel your presence without knowing who you are or where you live. And your presence is as real as the feeling of touching the rough trunk of a tree. For now, it doesn’t matter that our paths lead to different places. An invisible hand has the power to make all impossibilities possible, we believed in it. You are getting closer, perhaps without realizing it, and these words should guide you like a lighthouse. You need to hear the truth you have forgotten so that you do not get lost, so that you are filled with hope again and remember that beauty has been appointed for you too:

You are

She told me

You are needed

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