It’s Raining

Sema Süvarioğlu
4 minutes

Monday we woke up to a rainy day. As I’ve been in the habit of doing for a while, I checked the weather forecast on my phone, to see how the rain was doing during the day and during the week. So what if I do? I will organize my weekly schedule accordingly. The rain doesn’t know about it, it keeps on falling.

I leave home for work. I walk with my head down so that my hair doesn’t get wet and frizzy through my hoodie. At the same time, I am grateful for the rain, as I am very concerned about climate change and drought.

As I move forward with these thoughts, I notice the reactions of other people on the road. I see a young man collecting paper. The rain is not very heavy, but he has obviously been out for a long time; his thin raincoat with hood is very wet. But he seems more interested in filling his still empty car than in the rain. Then I see a lady, dressed formally, holding an umbrella. He must be on his way to work. I think he didn’t enjoy the rain very much because he was sullen. On the one hand, I don’t know if I should attribute this to the rain or if he has some other problem.

It’s early in the morning so it’s quite deserted. I take advantage of this and continue observing. On the opposite sidewalk I notice a young man, tall, with nothing on his head, including his hair, to protect him from the rain. But no matter. He’s in a good mood. He has a selfie stick in his hand, he’s talking something hot and he’s walking. Who knows, maybe he is doing a program about rain. He doesn’t seem to be complaining about the rain. The rain doesn’t care about that either, it continues to fall as it knows how.

A father, followed by two teenage boys, emerges from the apartment door. Maybe he’s not a father. It could be an uncle, a cousin, a family friend. I’m so quick to tag. My brain wants clarity. They move towards a taxi waiting a little further away. “Dad” is in a hurry. He’s in a hurry, maybe he doesn’t want to keep the taxi waiting, maybe he wants to avoid the rain. The children are very relaxed, they move smoothly. They don’t seem to care about the rain or the waiting taxi. I look at their faces more carefully, trying to understand their emotions, but in vain. They have very neutral expressions. Is that what young people call “cool” nowadays?

At the end of Yoğurtçu Park, near the FB stadium, I pass by the statue of Alex. Alex never changes his pose, the rain has obviously not affected him at all. Maybe he’s just happy that the dust has settled. No matter how carefully I look, I can’t understand his thoughts, his feelings. His testimony is fixed. I liken it a bit to the way the rain stops, sometimes slowing down and sometimes intensifying according to itself.

As I move forward with these thoughts, I suddenly have an epiphany. Isn’t the same thing true for the sun? Whether I am happy because it warms my back, uncomfortable because the temperature is high, or even faint because it goes to my head, the sun is always the same sun. Is it the same with wind, clouds and other natural phenomena, but is it different with other phenomena? No… It’s happening.

Should I say I’m confused, or should I say it’s clear? It is better for me to turn inward, to strengthen myself, to reinforce my belief that everything that happens is for my good. Let me try to enjoy what I’m going through.

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