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“Gastronomy is a science that shows the historical development of food, how different ingredients should be used in a balanced way, what differences and similarities there are between cuisines, can be modernized, and can reflect the entire history of food from the past to the present on a single plate, almost like a work of art.”

The Michelin Guide, also known as the ‘Red Bible’, first appeared in France in 1889 by Andre and Edouard, owners of the car tire company that gave the guide its name. Today, the Michelin Guide includes the best rated restaurants, chefs,and Michelin concepts. However, the Michelin Guide was not a guide that emerged to put down this information. The brothers Andre and Edouard’s original intention was to give car owners who bought the company’s products a red book with tips about their cars. Their second goal was to recommend good restaurants so that drivers could have good food and accommodation while on the road. They were taking notes of the restaurants that they could recommend. From 1926 onwards, they started to review ‘fine dine’ restaurants. The restaurants were not included in the ratings in the early days. But over time, the popularity of the guide grew as restaurants were included in the reviews.

There are 5 main rules required for a Michelin Star in a restaurant. Firstly, the quality of the ingredients used in the meal, secondly, the mastery of flavors and cooking techniques, third, the personality of the chef in cuisine, fourth, value for money and finally, consistency between visits.

Although the lists vary, Japan hosts the highest number of Michelin Star restaurants in the current ranking. The last in the ranking is Iceland. Turkey was not on the list until recently, but as of October 2022, Turkey has also taken its place. I believe that our country, which has a deep-rooted gastronomy history, will quickly climb the steps it deserves. As we all know, Anatolia is the cradle of civilizations. From past to present, many nations living in these vast lands have lived their culture and traditions in these lands, leaving their traces and flavors. We can say that Turkish cuisine is, in general terms, a balanced cuisine. Our cuisine is a wide range of dishes from vegetables to pastries, seafood, and meat products. However, despite this richness, America ranks 13th and Turkey 17th in the ‘World Taste Ranking’ published by ‘Taste Atlas’ in June. Although I try to be objective, I don’t think America has a historical food culture. They are in this position because of their success in marketing and advertising. To summarize, I find it very valuable to announce the richness of Turkish Cuisine to a big company like Michelin and to the world.

The food on our tables should appeal first to the eyes and then to the stomach. Some people think ‘Fine Dine’ restaurants are overrated. Because you are presented with a tiny piece of food on a huge plate, and you pay a lot for it. But what often goes unnoticed is that the aim of ‘Fine Dine’ restaurants is to combine many different tastes to create a delicious and balanced plate. As the master chefs prepare their presentations, it is as if they are putting the finishing touches on a painting by a good painter. They are also practicing their art.

There were already chefs with Michelin Stars in our country and now 5 restaurants won their stars. With the hope that Turkey will see the value it deserves in terms of flavor around the world. With the hope that Turkey will take its rightful place about the value in world-class taste.

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