Shining Moments

Fikret Cömert
3 minutes

A Led Zeppelin poster on the wall. It was taken at the climax of the concert. In the spotlight, Page pointed his guitar in the air and Plant’s hair flew up. As soon as you look at it, it takes you to the energy of that moment, you feel it inside you.

The realm is a realm of manifestations. The Almighty is manifested everywhere. And then there is the question of finding the perfection of the work. The moment of manifestation with full perfection, the work finds its perfection. In that moment in Jimi Hendrix’s concert, when an olive ripens on the branch and becomes ripe enough to be eaten, this manifestation occurs. We all have what we call God-given talents. That’s when we start to shine. Just like the stage lights illuminate.

We started by giving an example from the art world. But this glow is present in all aspects of life. The way we look at the face of the host who has cooked a wonderful meal in the house where we are guests, the way we feel after a successful business venture, the way we sometimes receive applause are all different forms of this.

Man shines. At that moment, it shines in that manifestation where it emerges with feeling, with intention, with divine inspiration. More precisely, that state of being complete, of finding its perfection, shines from it. Like a crown on the head. Some people wear this crown many times, this manifestation manifests itself constantly.

Like a star. It is no wonder that stage performers are called stars when they are successful. And the star shines because of certain elements that have been given to it over billions of years and their chemical reactions. He shines light around him. And one day he will die. Does it disappear completely with his death? Black holes have made me think a lot here. After a while, the star that grows close to its death, which is a supernova, is sucked in by an enormous gravitational force and begins to swallow and collect everything, light, yes, even light. It almost turns into oneness and becomes everything and the light itself. So I have a feeling that people who have given enough light are not registered with death but become the light itself. Once you cross that threshold of death, that threshold of understanding. I mean, after the realization that it was not him who did it.

We human beings often make a mistake of understanding here. We know how to shine. We look only at the visible side of this divine radiance and attribute it entirely to ourselves. Of course we have divinity, but we confuse it with divinity. Then, when the moments of shining cease, depressions set in. History is full of countless people who were once successful, but when the attention and applause stopped, they spent their lives in misery. It is a great test for humanity. Sometimes we read about the unhappiness of this situation even in people who are financially well-off and still appreciated. We witness that they make more effort to express themselves and emphasize “me, me”. The one who knows where the brightness comes from has already set sail for new moments, grateful for those moments, “every moment is a new work” (Surat al-Rahman, 29). It is in the flow, not stuck in a moment. It flows in the way Mevlana Celaleddin describes, without freezing or blurring, and says new things. When the time comes, it unites, it gathers all the light, all the shine. Peace be upon him.

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