Tawhid with Taqlid

Ceyhun Özdemir
4 minutes

Recently my robot vacuum cleaner broke down. He helps me a lot around the house. But I couldn’t figure it out myself. I decided to give it to the service. But for the last time, I wrote about my problem on Youtube. I realized that most people have the same problem and the solution is very simple. I solved my problem by imitating the solution video. No need for service.

It’s a simple story. From the inside of life. But then I got lost in thought. Come, let me explain;

The most beautiful words were spoken long ago. The wisest book has already been written. A thousand and one shades of all emotions have existed for thousands of years. There is no new feeling. There is nothing new. Only the shapes are changing. History repeats itself. Everything happened long ago and it’s over. We think that the problems we have are unique to us. But at some point in history, very probably, that problem happened. Maybe in different ways. We are not the first of anything. Isn’t it strange? We are not making a new moral revolution. We will not be the most perfect human being. The solution to what you are upset about has already been found somewhere. All you have to do is find him and imitate him.

In short, the last brick of the building of morality has been laid. America has already been discovered. You are not expected to do anything new. Whatever you do, you’ll always be imitating someone.

Doesn’t science and technology make new discoveries? may be a legitimate question. Yes, it does. The mind is always inventing new things. But look inside your heart. The derivations of the mind do not go there. Intellectual discoveries only change the forms. Manat turns to money. Gold turns to paper. A piece of paper to digital. Even if the shape changes, money is still money. The effect on us is the same. Matters of the mind always change shape, while matters of the heart remain the same.

What I want to say is morality. Honesty, generosity, diligence… These kinds of morality are at the root of what we experience. The bark on that root can change. But when you go deeper, there are moral issues that have not changed for thousands of years. This has already been solved. The last brick of the building of morality has been laid.

So what helps us? Stories… Most of the holy books are actually stories. There are always stories in ancient wisdom. These are repeated over and over again. Why? Because when your robot vacuum cleaner breaks down, just turn on Youtube and find the right solution. The stories act as Youtube here. Now I realize how important stories that are repeated over and over again are. The answer to the moral situation we live in is hidden in one of those stories. Is my heart darkened? Immediately the Prophet Joseph’s story is catching up. Am I confused? Immediately The story of Moses is catching up. I find the solution in one and imitate it. I’m not finding anything new. And if you have received an event in a very good way, how absurd it is to be arrogant about it! Because you owe your beauty to those stories that taught you to be treated this way. We don’t exist.

For these reasons, I think we need to expand our story memory first. Then we will definitely experience some situations in life. All we have to do is remember the right story and imitate it. Even if we start with imitation, it will gradually settle in our hearts. We will have a new us. Through imitation we will reach tawhid(oneness).

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