The Power of Positive Thinking

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden
5 minutes

Life is a mirror. If you smile at him, he will smile at you.

Anyone who wants to improve their life must first learn to think positively. Because thoughts determine beliefs, beliefs determine behavior, and behavior determines interaction with the environment.

Those with healthy minds have healthier bodies. Therefore, positive thinking also increases the quality and duration of life.

Positive thinking is a skill that can be learned. Drawing on the experience of others to develop this skill is an effective first step. Therefore, identifying and emulating optimistic people in the environment helps to develop the ability to think positively. To gain the ability to think positively, one must first be at peace with oneself. For this, we must never forget the needfor consistencyof thought, discourse and action. When this consistency is not demonstrated, both the trust of society is lost and the inner peace of the individual is damaged.

The harshest criticism is often made by people themselves. You can’t make a mistake. Instead of criticizing mistakes, it is more constructive to see them as opportunities for self-improvement. Thinking positively does not mean rejecting mistakes, but seeing them as opportunities for improvement. Positive thinking is thinking about how mistakes can be avoided next time and planning for it. Applying this approach to the people around you helps people to interact with you in a more positive way. When we consider the difficulty of living alone on an island, we better understand how important interaction with our environment is in our lives. Improving the quality of this interaction helps to improve the quality of our lives. Try to remove negative wordsfrom your sentences to think positively. This approach also helps to develop the ability to see the positive side of every event. Because words trigger thoughts and beliefs.

Taking responsibility but adopting a flexible approach to life is an important input for positive living. We must realize that what we want to achieve in life will not come by itself, and that efforts must be made today to shape the future. But we must also understand that shaping the future does not mean determining the future.

So, to be mentally healthy, one must also learn to accept the facts. However, accepting the facts does not mean submitting to them. The important thing is to see the facts and take constructive action to change them.

To think and live positively, one must trust oneself and one’s environment. Life is healed only by those who believe they can change it. People who are self-confident, faithful and determined improve the quality of their lives and become a source of happiness for themselves and others.

There are two great forces in the world: one is fear and the other is faith. In order to think positively, one must also overcome one’s fears. The most effective tool to overcome fears is faith. Belief in God allows us to find inner peace in the face of what we cannot change in life. Making your best efforts to change what you want to change, and then turning it over to God with the expectation of an auspicious outcome, reduces stress and allows you to live a healthier life. Regular physical and mental exercise promotes positive thinking and a healthy and balanced life.

Life is not the results achieved, but the process we go through to achieve what we want. In this process, making conscious efforts, being consistent and giving confidence to our environment is a much greater source of happiness than the results achieved. One of the most important and lasting achievements in this process is not the results, but the learning. Making a constant effort to learn is the basis of development. This effort is useful for accepting the facts and at the same time gaining the power to change them. People who embrace their work with faith work with great enthusiasm. This enthusiasm carries them to success and positive impact. Therefore, it is of great importance to focus on what one loves.

The most democratically distributed resource in life is time. For everyone, a day is 24 hours. Using time well and having the courage and far-sightedness to take steps in advance to change what you want to change in the future also develops one’s ability to think positively.

Positive thinking is based on love. In order to think positively, it is necessary to love people and to feel the excitement of being able to give something back to them. The way to feel good about yourself is to be able to help others with a sincere feeling. There are two values in life that increase with sharing: love and knowledge. People who share their love and knowledge are the ones who have the greatest wealth. Happiness in life starts with positive thinking, develops through positive speech and actions, and reaches its peak through shared love and knowledge.

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