Well done.

Sümeyra Öztimur
7 minutes

I love music. It was my childhood habit to be mesmerized by the notes. With my growing interest in music, learning to play an instrument and singing also gave me the gift of a pleasant process. I didn’t care about making people listen to it or becoming famous, it was a real pleasure. A tool that allows you to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. But music has taken a different turn for me lately. When I listen to a song, I get stuck on the lyrics beyond the notes. I listen to the same songs over and over again and sometimes I can lose track of time with a single sentence. There is one in particular that brings me together with the Creator and throws me into an intense questioning every time. I am not complaining, I don’t want to be misunderstood. He does it well; he gets me in the mood to bring these lines one after the other.

You’re curious, aren’t you, who is he? I’m talking about Mabel Matiz. Mabel Matiz, who made my chest tighten and expand with “Well done”. I’m glad you do.

You are in love with the sea, you have no place for a drop.

You don’t understand why this animal came into this world…

Surrounded by many troubles, troubles and troubles; we are in a never-ending struggle every day. We work, we get tired, we can’t cope. We try again, we get tired, but again we can’t cope.

Will I ever be comfortable in this world? we say. Somehow we can’t find the inner peace we are looking for. Even if we pray or do yoga, we cannot go beyond short-term relaxation because even going to the Kaaba every day cannot relieve human turmoil if the focus is wrong.

Where is our focus? Where do we hang out? What we see or what we need to see? I care about the answer to this question because our choice either keeps us on the straight and narrow path or takes us as far away from it as possible.

You looked at me, you saw you. The mirrors told me everything.

Look at the landscape, read yourself. The fights told everything.

I am Sevgi, who thinks she loves everyone, who does her best for everyone… No matter what I did, I was no good to anyone. I could never please my loved ones. All the people I have worked for have turned out to be ungrateful, exhibiting various examples of disloyalty. I never smiled a day. My Creator, the Almighty, has dealt me this treatment, and I have mostly submitted to my fate by bending my neck and rebelling when my strength failed me. Is that really what happened? “Yes!” my booming voice echoes in one ear, but in the other a scratchy voice says “No!” I ask myself, have I loved myself, who exists from the soul that the Creator breathed into me? Have I shown myself half the compassion I show to others? Is it outsiders who are unfaithful, or am I unfaithful to myself? Do I have the strength to examine myself?

Me, Bilgehan, who tackles everything, who loses sleep at night with his ambition to accomplish what no one else can, who is never satisfied with any victory he has won, who always returns to the beginning and gets lost in the deep wells of restlessness… Have I ever wondered why I am always back where I started? I bought that magnificent house I had dreamed of, I was given the highest salary due to the status I had achieved, but no matter what, the army I built from my defense mechanisms could not suppress the uprising of my heart that aches at night. Is it that I am always working with incompetent people who don’t know how to work, or is it that I don’t feel enough no matter what I do? Is my main problem to realize, to realize and to overcome it?

I am Gizem, who amazes everyone with her beauty, kindness and knowledge… I have become a role model and an idol everywhere. I had everything. I have a good job, a wife, a child and money… Just yesterday, I was shouting to the world with the photos I posted on social media that I was living a life to tell stories about. The day came, I closed my exhibition suddenly, without leaving a single photograph. “My husband cheated on me, my child left home. I am depressed, I don’t want to see anyone.” Then, instead of a statement, I published a long declaration that would gather supporters for the authenticity of my victimization. I retreated to my corner. I don’t think I deserve it, I don’t think I deserve it at all. I couldn’t understand why I was going through this when I was so equipped, so perfect. I never thought I was betraying myself, but could I? It can happen. Did I cover up my truth while trying to make up for my impoverished childhood? Did I really decorate my eyes with fake smiles when I was sad, or did I look sympathetic to my wife when I was screaming the ugliest words at her? Did I spend all my energy on silencing the voices coming from deep inside me, while I was trapped under the image I created by eliminating all knowledge of my essence with worldly ambition? Who really cheated? Is it because it’s time to reveal the secrets of my essence?

I… How many more people who start with “I” are there? We can only see the whole landscape if we can look in the mirrors without getting angry.

You broke the carnation, you upset God, well done!

That carnation that blooms from a single branch. It is unity, purity, love and loyalty. Doesn’t the Creator regret every moment we don’t understand our purpose, our mission? If the world gets in the way of loyalty to love, what should the One do?

Let’s put it out if your heart is burning, what do I know if love is death, is this the taste?

My youth was struck by the knuckles of a bitter wind, what do I know, is this the taste of living?

It is the path of love. Is it possible to be carefree? Will we always remain raw and consume life with shekwa, or will we cook with love and burn with the taste of dying before we die? What is the taste of living? Can the bitter wind of youth become the harbinger of maturity?

After the introduction and the development, we came to the end of the article. Shall we pick up the scattered ones? Let’s pick it up.

Verily, We have created man in the most beautiful form. Then We turned him down to the lowest of the low. (Surat al-Tin/4-5)

As humble servants who were created on the Ahsen-i calendar and fell to esfel-i safil, we were put to the test in the world, which is the lowest level. This arduous journey to reach humanity. The roads are bumpy, the roads are thorny. It is not easy to reach. Woe to us if our focus is on the visible. We will wallow in a fight that will never end and we will never be victorious. A big “well done” to those who can get to the point, open closed doors and not upset God.

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