Dear Green

İlahe Kurşun
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Dear Green

You know, in our tradition there is a culture of Conversation Assemblies. It is said that these meetings, which were held among the Arabs in the Jāhiliyya period with the aim of “mutual quarreling”, “competition” and “having fun” on a literary level on a subject, continued to exist in Islamic culture in both literary and scientific fields.

Before discussing the topic of the day, the members of the assembly would present their opinions to each other on the most elegant plates. For this reason, no one would be angry or offended. At the end of the day, he created a delicious meal from these different ideas. In other words, what remained of the assemblies was pleasure as well as knowledge.

Dear Green

I organized an assembly about you yesterday. We talked about you with friends both yesterday and today. We have enjoyed you but not discovered you. We thought you were far away but we didn’t realize we were green.

I know,

You are reading this and smiling. Because you know best what I mean. You know yourself best.

Dear Green

Among the guests, the World was sitting in the front row. She was dressed so elegantly that I started looking for you in her. I looked at her dress. Even though the color blue seems to be superior, don’t you think it is green above the land, under the water? Tell me where you’re not?! Every place where your presence increases is more favorable for life, every living thing breathes/exhales because of you.

Is it not so that the universe was created with a Merciful breath? Breathing is the first condition for saying “I am alive”. So the color of breath is also green. Since breath is everywhere, where is it not green?

Suddenly, my eyes fell on the humble Mother Orientwho dropped her rosary beads on the ground. Slowly bending down, he picked up his rosary on the floor, looked at me and said excitedly, “We’re going to talk about green, aren’t we?”

So I smiled and turned my face to him, so that I could listen to the words of eastern science. It was as if every wrinkle on his face carried the secrets of wisdom. Mother Orient put her hand on her heart and said, “Heart.” The human body is the first to be created, the first to begin life. Likewise, he is the last to stop breathing.”

Everyone was looking at Mother Orientin astonishment. “What do you mean, sir?” the question was in his eyes. The wise Mother Orient continued to clear up the questions: “The first thing created in this world is cognition. Its dress in the world is the heart. Whoever knows his own heart is endowed with the secret of perception.”

Philosophy in the assembly asked Mother Orientfor permission and asked her the following question: “Mother Orient, the subject of our assembly is Green. Why are you talking to us about cognition and the heart?”

With his usual patience and tolerance He satisfied the curiosity of Eastern Mother Philosophywith these words: “The heart is located at the very center of the human body. And according to eastern science, the energy of each of the seven main regions of the body has a different color. And the color of the heart is Green. In other words, Green is cognition, vitality. It is the first to live in this world and the last to be purified from the body’s clothes.”

Everyone was deeply moved by this information. Believing that it would complete the subject, Astrology entered the conversation with great excitement and said, “The station he represents is the Sun, and Prophet Idris is his equal.”

Sufism, on the other hand, gazed into the distance with his deep and wise gaze and uttered a sigh. Then he said with a tranquilized expression, “It is a mutmâin soul.”

Perhaps the first one to take the floor “I have something to say,” said Etymology, raising a finger, moving to the center of the assembly and adding: “The word “green” shares the same root with the word “wet” (wet). In other words, to be green means to be wet, to be alive, to be alive. Old age, on the other hand, is not about graying of the hair and beard, but about increasing vitality. Being green is about being alive and making alive.”

Dear Green

Do these words remind you of the Prophet? Mevlana?

Who is a sheikh? Pîr (old), i.e. the one with gray hair. But crooked hopeful, know the meaning of this hair.

Black hair is his existence; not even a hair of his existence is left. He has gray hair and beard.

When one no longer exists, he is the pîr; whether his hair is black or gray.

But he whose hair is gray with age is neither a pîr nor a god. (Masnavi, III, b: 1790 ff.)

Hearing this conversation, Târih immediately excitedly said, “I would like to share a piece of information that would support this issue, if I may,” and attracted all eyes. Then he drew a dot in the center with the stick in his hand and said, “Do you know why Turks call the place where they stay as oda (otağ)? Because where they lived, they would first light a fire, or od, and gather around it. The place where there was od was the room, the house. However, the grass that comes out of the earth is the same as wood. Grasses were also seen as the embers of the earth and it was known that fire would not burn without grass or oxygen.”

Dear Green

At that moment, the verse, “It is He who brings forth fire for you out of the green tree; from it you burn and burn” (Yasin, 36/80) echoed in my heart. As the great Fuzûlî said,

“The ode of love first falls on the lover, from the moment to the lover,

See the Shem, who did not make the propeller burn without burning.”

You are the one who first burns yourself and then burns hearts. You leave no trace of what you burn.

Suddenly, I was startled by the voices of the people attending the assembly. Under the influence of what was said, they too were telling what they knew. “He is a thin veil between Jalâl and cemâl, he has no place, he is both on earth and in the sky”, they were making their voices heard. Some said, “I saw him in the grass, his countenance was humble even though he was stepped on”, others said, “I saw him in the form of seaweed wrapped around the rocks in the sea with motherly affection, he embraces even the rocks”. In the eyes of the people, your name was “the color of peace”. Their favorite thing to do was to watch him invite them into his presence with the demeanor of a prophet.

Dear Green

Towards the end of the assembly, I saw happiness on everyone’s face. The first one out of the gate was Sufism. On the one hand he was wiping his tears with his hands, on the other hand he was saying “Oh Khidr” and walking away quickly…

Dear Green

What do you make of all this talk?

I can only say this,

My earth is green,

My Face is Green

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