East meets West

Fikret Cömert
3 minutes

After studying business administration in one of the most important educational institutions of our country, I started my career in a large group of companies. We already had the gas in business school. We are young in age. We have a whole life ahead of us. He expects successes. There is so much to learn, so much to discover, so many places to go and see, so many emotions to taste. I think I’m lucky. I started from a place where I could get a bird’s eye view of how things work. I have known many managers over the years. I have witnessed the success and failure stories of many businesses. I followed your transformation. When I look back, I have had a business life that I can summarize as a successful career spanning many years. I worked as a manager in the big companies of the country and tasted success. After the early years, which I can call the acclimatization period, I found a pattern in which I had the opportunity to travel and get to know the world. I realized that it was all okay, but it was a bit overwhelming. This is not what life should be about. This is how my journey of self-knowledge began.

The main character in my life on this path was the famous Andalusian Sufi master Muhiddin Ibn Arabi. My research often centered around him and a journey began. Over time, I had the opportunity to develop and get to know myself more with different colors, different tastes. In this regard, as in business life, I have given many speeches, conferences and travels.

Then I realized I had two separate lives. Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hide. Behçet by day and Hırt by night. For me, business life has been a platform where I go out and perform, and my journey of finding myself has continued as a completely different lane that some people know about and others have no idea about. As if the two could never come together. Of course, your development on one side creates a different perspective on the other side, and interaction is inevitable, and that’s how it should be. But nevertheless, these were like two separate aspects of my life, creating a situation of division, which, actually, looking back now, many people were also subjected to. East and West. It will never come together, it must never come together. But wouldn’t there come a day when the sun would set in the east and rise in the west? Eventually that happened too. And I set out to synthesize east and west.

To be in the moment, whether it’s work life, private life, spiritual life, and to capture a happy life in this way. Was it possible? It couldn’t be any other way. The famous Janissary army that conquered the world was entirely Bektashi. They never looked at anything as one thing or another. They acquired all their achievements in unity with their spiritual journeys and ultimately lived a single life. It unites the East and the West, and “whichever way they turned, they would see the face of Allah” (Surat al-Baqarah, Verse 115)

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