On Crystal Stones and Lithotherapy with Baki Cihangiroglu

Jale Karakaya
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Crystal stones are one of the most popular topics today. While some of us use them only as ornaments or jewelry, some of us prefer to benefit from the field of complementary medicine with the principle that ‘everything has an energy’. Opinions vary, so we wanted to ask the experts. We knocked on the door of Baki Cihangiroğlu, one of Turkey’s leading lithotherapy experts. We asked what lithotherapy is, how science supports it and the uses of crystals.

Sir, let’s start by getting to know you. You are one of the few lithotherapy experts in Turkey. When did your interest in stones begin? How did you become interested in this field?

I have been working with natural stones for about twenty years. I had no previous academic training on the subject. I did my bachelor’s degree in public administration at the Faculty of Political Sciences, and then I did my master’s degree in economics. While I was studying for my PhD in International Relations, I dropped out because of my love for stones. I have been dealing with crystals for twenty years, both as a collection and professionally. After discovering the energetic effects of crystals and their use for healing purposes, I focused on this subject.

What is lithotherapy?

“Litos” Latin for stone. “Lithosphere” is a concept that describes the use of certain stones (not all stones) with a unique molecular structure, with a unique crystallization process, located in the earth’s layer, for healing purposes. In fact, the word “Lito” in our language means substance. Ore also does not directly mean stone, for which the Arabic word “Hajar” is used. Ore is a special part of the hajar. Therefore, not all stones can be made into jewels; jewels can be made from gems. The equivalent of this is crystal. For this reason, it would be more accurate to call it crystal therapy, not stone therapy.

How does science view lithotherapy? Are there areas where science uses this?

Modern medicine is traditional methods presented in a new way; it revises itself. Just as herbs and spas have been used historically, therapy with crystals is an ancient practice. In the history of science, we can see it in the works of important figures such as Dioscorides, the father of pharmacology, and Avicenna, the father of medicine, who shaped the history of medicine. The Eber Papyri are the source of the history of modern medicine, and in these papyri you see therapy with crystals. It is the same in five thousand years of Chinese medicine… Moreover, 86% of the drugs used in today’s pharmaceutical industry contain these minerals.

When we look at the formation of the world, we see stones on the world stage before humans. At the same time, the building blocks of human beings have mineral properties such as iron, copper, zinc… We see it mentioned in holy books and hadiths. How did people discover the healing in stones?

Throughout history, people have learned by using stones because they were alone with nature. We have forgotten this because we are in city life; this can only be learned by being alone. Man in nature knows this; it is learned through experimentation and transmission.

There is an incident of dried fish in the Qur’anic story of Khidr and Moses. The young ascetic who was at the meeting place. It is said to be Yûshâ, he leaves the dried fish on a stone, the fish comes to life and jumps into the water. What kind of rock was that? What kind of vital energy caused this event to occur? Or it is told that when Prophet Solomon brought Belkis to his presence, he built a palace made of crystal and Belkis thought there was water and gathered her skirts while walking here. This is because of the transparency of the crystal, the way it reflects light. The Qur’an includes descriptions of stones in paradise. Since in heaven we will not need gold, silver and precious stones, it is important what kind of energy is there. As for the energy and use of the stones, modern physical science explains this. Silicon technology is needed in technological devices such as radar, sonar, cell phones…. When we look at the source of this in nature, we see quartz crystal.

What is special about quartz?

Quartz has a high vibrational frequency. In physical terms, we can call it oscillation. It has crystallized very perfectly for four billion years. Because of this feature, it has the ability to balance the energy in the environment; that is, it can turn negative energy into positive.

Does it make a difference whether the stone is raw or processed? Do the shapes given to the stone afterwards affect its energy?

We always encourage the use of crystals in their natural state. However, since it is not easy to carry it with us practically, it is shaped. The energetic impact of each shape varies. Here, processed stone and stone processing are also different things. By putting it into a chemical reaction (like heat), you change the structure of the stone, and this field of healing is also disrupted. Stones such as mystic topaz, tera hertz, aura angel are examples. Working the stone does not change its structure, so it continues to heal. Shapes is a very long subject, we explain it in the training, but let me explain it on the pyramid form. The pyramids are said to be regional energy fields. There are reports that it retains a lot of vital energy. In the case of crystals, this form activates the energy of the stone, allowing equal energy to radiate from all four surfaces of the stone. Whatever the energy of the stone is, it increases it.

Hz. .Mevlânâ gives descriptions in his Masnavi, saying, “The pearl is first crushed in a mortar to be used and suffers a lot during this crushing, but then this crushing makes it a kohl for the eyes of the beautiful to make them see more brightly, or it is mixed with honey and becomes a cure for the heart.” Of course, it has deep spiritual meanings, but we also see recipes that will heal from a material point of view. These and similar descriptions are in the ancient books. Do you have any research and studies on this subject? If so, do you plan to collect this information and make a book?

Of course there is, but it took a while. In addition to the sources I mentioned at the beginning, examples from Ibn Sīnā and Zakariyā Rāzī can be given in our geography. You will also find references in the works of Muhittin Ibn ‘Arabî. However, in the Cevhernâme, written from the twelfth century onwards, you can find many references to crystals. Tuhfe-i Murâdî, which was presented to Sultan Murad, the father of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, has a very important place. These are manuscripts and unfortunately we know that copies of these are in the royal museums in Vienna, in the Louvre Museum, in museums in Germany and I would like to say that this information is being used. I believe that crystals will come to their rightful place in time. The goal is for humanity to live healthier and more peaceful lives in spirit and matter. I believe that crystals, plants, cave therapy, salt rooms will come to their rightful place.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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