Your Name is Love

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Can I tell you a secret, buddy?

Suffering and hardship do not make a man sick, but they can very well make him sick himself, and even put him to bed. Trouble does not come to life or have any effect before it becomes a problem. For some, the most difficult processes are not a problem, but for others, a broken washing machine is. And yes, troubles, if not hardships, can eat a man up, rot him from the inside.

They say that ships do not sink in water, it is the ship that takes in water that sinks. So don’t put sorrow and grief inside you. Think of it like this: You are at an amusement park and you are on a roller coaster. Well, didn’t you get on it to get excited and shout, to enjoy this adrenaline rush? Will the train kill you? It won’t kill you! But if you throw yourself down the hill out of fear, you may kill yourself. No sorrow is more powerful than the one inside you. No one can do to man what he does to himself.

If there is hot pepper on the table, let’s put some of that too. Pain has its own flavor. As the song we all know so well says: “what doesn’t go through the pain is a little bit incomplete”, but let’s not pour it all on the food, please. Then neither the taste of the pain nor the food remains.

Maybe it sounds very daring, but I don’t believe in victim psychology or in injustice. There is no such thing as injustice, there cannot be. The Truth is that which exists everywhere and in everything. Of course, I was convincing myself of these lies too. A lot of the things I was going through, I was blaming others and seeing myself as a victim. But then my eyes saw, my ears heard and now I know that if you are reading or listening to these lines, your journey of truth has also begun, dear brother. Know that it is you who is speaking to you, who is writing these lines. A you in my image.

Have you ever thought about it?

This existence is like a dream. You close your eyes at night and go to bed. In your dreams you see many people and experience many emotions. In fact, everyone and everything has come out of one mind; your mind. You are the one who creates them, makes them speak, experiences them and watches them as dreams. You’re the one you fight with. The one you love.

So, who should be angry with whom, who should blame whom?

But we will forget so that there will be a story.

Because life is like a movie screen. There are a thousand and one kinds of movies, moreover, a thousand and one movies in one movie. The pathos, the romance, the drama, the comedy. So why are we in this movie? Of course to cry, to laugh, to get excited, to be moved. To taste many experiences. We’re not just going to watch idly. But if you’re going to have a heart attack in an exciting scene, if you’re going to die from crying in a sad scene, it’s my job to remind you that this is a movie and turn on the lights in the theater. If a tear falls from your eye and you think “wow, what a sad movie”, then I will not open my mouth and break this illusion. Otherwise it won’t taste good either. You are watching a movie with pleasure, and the person next to you says “hehe he, this is not real, these are actors, hehe he, look, they put vix on the actor’s eye, oh that’s not blood, it’s ketchup” and so on. Or don’t you say, “Shut up, brother, we’ve come to have an experience, to believe that we’ve seen a little bit”?

Then half asleep, half awake is best. Are you awake too much? Squint a little. Did you sleep too long? Spread out a little. Otherwise, either your tongue will burn from the pain or you will not taste the countless blessings.

Find a place in between. Not like this, not like that. We are human, helpless. Even if the day comes and you are sad on the outside, angry and resentful on the inside, always be thankful on the inside. May your heart always forgive and say goodbye with gratitude. Let one wing be fear and the other hope. Like the whirling dervishes, one foot stationary and the other whirling. One hand on the ground and one hand in the sky. While screaming like crazy on the Ferris wheel, keep in mind that you will say “wow, what an adventure” after you get off.

There’s one more thing I want to tell you.

If you see yourself as a victim and blame someone else – and you’re going to get angry with me now – it’s actually yourself you blame the most! Think about it, take a look. You will find out why. How did you do that? If you dare to ask and answer, I will continue.

Of course you can do, you can make mistakes, you can sin. If you learn from your mistakes, they are not mistakes. Your seed becomes fertilizer. It is the water that grows your tree. It becomes a ladder you climb. In fact, there is no such thing as a mistake. Where we meet you, there is neither good nor bad, neither wrong nor right. There is only experience in this life and there is only maturity and maturity through these experiences. There is a journey.

Whatever you do, you can’t pass out. He loved you so much that he breathed into you a breath of his soul. She has made you her home and has never left you, she has made you alive. Even when you were angry with yourself, he didn’t leave you, he wrapped you in his arms. He continued to pour out His infinite love and surrounded them with His mercy. Who are you to limit his forgiveness? Who are you to understand the limitlessness of his love?

Let me tell you something.

Your name is LOVE, my friend! Don’t call me any other name, don’t call me Ahmet, Mehmet, Ayşe, Fatma. Your name is LOVE. You became with love, you came from love, you came to love. Love where you come from and love where you’re going. Love to the right and love to the left. He’s in love, you’re in love, we’re in love. We are all called love. Love inside, love outside. Then who are you angry with, who are you resenting, who are you blaming? When the curtain rises and the applause breaks out, you will hug and greet your co-star who plays the villain. Perhaps you will accept the congratulations arm in arm, arm in arm. If you’re going to run away, then do it as an act. After all, how much can a toy knife stabbed by him as an act hurt you?

Look, maybe you know this true story.

When a man realized that he was missing the train, he ran and barely made it to the last carriage. This wagon was not a passenger wagon, but the man realized what it was when he got inside. There were hooks inside to carry meat. The man knew that the meat would be stored at minus 32 degrees Celsius, so he tried to throw himself out for his life, but the wagon door would not open from the inside. When he realized he was going to freeze to death, he decided to take out a pen and paper from his bag and write a farewell letter to his loved ones. In this letter he shares what he is going through moment by moment. His last lines were “my hands are freezing and I cannot continue writing”. The man was found dead the next day. All indications were that he froze to death. However, they could not understand why it would have frozen in the carriage, which had no working refrigeration because there was no meat inside. Until I read the letter.

You know how we used to play when we were little: “To the left and to the right, in front and behind me! I’m sobeing everyone around me even if I can’t see them without opening my eyes,” and we would warn from the beginning that there would be a midwife who wouldn’t hide. What are we doing now? Isn’t it the same game? Before we opened our eyes to this world, we said, I know that He is my right, my left, my front and my back. Then, as part of the game, he had to disguise himself. Do you remember now? Remember you now?

So, my dear, to make a long story short, there is no separation from Him. Separation is only in our minds. He always gives the remedy for the trouble He gives. Just don’t burden yourself with more.

Come on then, hold on to what’s inside you.

Tell him I’m here. And we are together.

Say I love you very much. Tell him you’re burning with love.

Kiss, smell, dance.

Don’t ever let go.

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